Monday, April 17, 2006

Immigrants to Sweden find it harder to find a rental apartment than native Swedes

The Local:

The report's authors say the results show that landlords should be monitored more closely.

The full study, to be released on Wednesday, confirms what many already knew: Sweden's rental property market is segregated by race.

"Even if we take account of income, the composition of households and the ages of household members, that does not explain why so many immigrants live in public housing," said report co-author Roger Anderson, professor of cultural geography at Uppsala University, to TV4 news.

A 2002 study of the housing situation in Stockholm and Uppsala showed that in Uppsala it was three times more likely for immigrants than native Swedes to live in public housing. In Stockholm they were twice as likely to live in public housing.

The report says that in order to change the situation housing companies should be more open to scrutiny, and there should be more complete statistics of housing companies' activities.

Integration Sweden's biggest failing - survey


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