Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Politically-correct racism

It seems that in Britain the authorities go to such lengths to appear anti-racist that they have turned a blind eye to violent crime:

THE appalling case of Kriss Donald’s murder, allegedly at the hands of a racist Asian gang who were allowed to run out of control, is one of the most horrifying I can remember.

Not just because of what happened to the boy, but because it seems politics at the highest level of the Scottish police, allowed it to happen.

So reluctant were they to be seen to be racist or picking on an ethnic group that they simply did nothing about the growing lawlessness on the southside of Glasgow.

It reminded me of the time I spent working in the north of England when the risk of race riots and racial tension was high.

With the best of intentions, the authorities had only made matters worse. To begin with, many local authorities had built what they thought were sound bridges with local community leaders. In fact, they had forged links with the gangsters and racketeers who loaned money and ruled by fear.

In an effort to ensure no-one could point the finger of racism at them, they created a double standard of employment, where native white people needed many more qualifications for the same job than someone of immigrant origins - whether they had only just arrived in the country or had lived in England for at least a generation.

It was hardly surprising the whole thing came to grief.


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