Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Anti-Semitism report

The Israeli government has issued a new report on global anti-Semitism:

The study, published this week by the Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism, pointed to a total of 310 anti-semitic incidents in the UK last year, including 77 acts of violence. In 2003, there were 163 incidents, of which 55 were violent.

While France topped the list with 96 violent attacks, the same number as last year, the report recognised government efforts to combat the problem. Ukraine and Russia were also singled out for rising numbers of attacks against Jews.

According to the survey, Austria and South Africa are the safest countries for Jews with no violent attacks reported.

The report noted: “A radical and violent Islam has become a pan-European problem and the position adopted by countries on the Arab-Israeli conflict has an effect on anti-semitism in that country.”

In Britain, the findings placed blame on the increasing demonisation of Israel in the media, with “years of hostile reporting and commentary” now spilling over into the streets.

Launching the study, Israeli diaspora affairs minister Natan Sharansky said: “When the British Independent publishes a caricature of Sharon eating Palestinian children, we need not be surprised at the results.”

A CST spokesman claimed their official incident report, due to be released in mid-February, were likely to put the figures even higher.

A Board of Deputies spokesman said: “We have over the last four years made the point that heightened anti-semitism is the result of events in the middle east and the coverage Israel receives.

“The CST figures will reflect accurately, and in detail, the climate in Britain.”

The report comes in the week when commission for racial equality head, Trevor Phillips, warned that Jews still faced discrimination in Britain.

Claiming that anti-semitism was not just the result of tensions in the middle east, he told the Observer: “This is also about old-fashioned hatred of Jews and people who believe Jews are an international conspiracy.”


At 6:59 PM, Blogger Hal said...

Do the Isaeli government anti-semitism figures include the Haredi Jews who throw rocks at secular Jews in Israel? The Haredi Jews who throw garbage at Jewish women praying at the Western wall? Does it include the catcalls by secular Israeli Jews toward the Haredi Jews, yelling out their car windows and calling them "penguins" and their clothes "penguin suits" or worse?

And finally, has a single Jew -- one single Jews -- in America been killed by an anti-semite? Yes, yes, I KNOW there are "incidents", but has their been anything like what white Christian Americans have suffered at the hands of malevolent blacks, or blacks have suffered at the hands of malevolent white racists?

Is their any breakdown whatsoever of what "incidents" means? And what about frauds like the Lady Professor at Pitzer (Scripps?) who blamed her evil white male heterosexual gentile students, daubing her OWN car with anti-semitic words. Was that added in as a "hate crime" or "incident", even though it was false?

Someone, anyone, anyone at all ever look at the figures?


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