Friday, February 25, 2005

Muslim man harasses synagogues

A Muslim man bombarded synagogues with telephone calls threatening to inflict violence on Jews:

Riaz Burahee, 25, of Edmonton, north London, who has photographs of Osama bin Laden at his home, admitted 10 offences.

Wood Green Crown Court heard Burahee told police he made the calls because he had been insulted by a Jew.

The court heard he had made as many as 92 calls, telling people to leave the building or be bombed.

Burahee, who described himself as a Muslim with strong religious beliefs, said he had no links to terrorism.

Photographs of Bin Laden and militant US civil rights activist Malcolm X were found in his room.

David Owen-Jones, prosecuting, said Burahee had made threats to bomb, threats to kill and threats to kill and rape children in March last year.

He said Burahee referred to "Hitler being right" and women who answered his calls were called "Jewish whores".

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