Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Upside down Netherlands

Look at what happened to Geert Wilders:

Parliamentary representatives Geert Wilders, who receives many dead threats from Islamic immigrants is already for months housed in prison camp Zeist. A high secure prison that was also used for the Lockerbie terrorists. Wilders has to sleep in a prison cell. Representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is also on the Islamists hit list, is housed on a heavily guarded Marine complex in Amsterdam.

Hirsi Ali told this today to the press. She wanted to protest how they both are treated. Representative Wilders declined to comment on the matter.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali reveals their secret locations “out of fear that others discover it. I want to live on a place of which everybody knows: here lives a threatened representative, but she is safe there. That’s how they do that in countries like Israel and the United States, but also in Italy and Spain.”

She experiences it as “very unjust and pathetic” that she has to live on secret locations. She thinks the “basic rights to be involved in politics” is under threat by the security philosophy professed by Minister Donner and the National Security Coordinator (NCBB). She says the philosophy is this: “Who is under threat should disappear”.

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