Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Latino activist wants boycott of "racist" Arizona

More leftwing craziness:

A Latino activist riled by legislation that targets undocumented immigrants wants businesses and corporations across the nation to boycott Arizona and book their events elsewhere.

Salvador Reza is working with a California-based immigrant rights group to organize the boycott and hopes to publicize it through Latino organizations across the country. Without an immigrant workforce, he says, Arizona's economy would collapse.

"To all the businesspeople that are bringing conventions here, people that spend money in Arizona, people that bring the golf conventions, people that vacation here, go to somewhere else," said Reza, who runs Phoenix's Macehualli Work Center. "Don't come to Arizona. It's a racist state."

Rep. Russell Pearce, the Republican sponsor of several immigration bills, called the attempt to bring about a boycott "outrageous."

"Americans ought to be the ones protesting," said Pearce, of Mesa. "Those who came here legally ought to be protesting. Those whose neighborhoods that have been destroyed ought to be protesting."

Reza and other Hispanic leaders and residents think that legislation sponsored by Pearce and other Republican lawmakers could give Arizona a bad image, similar to what the state suffered in the late 1980s over the lack of a holiday to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

No, what will give Arizona a "bad image" is doing nothing while Vicente Fox uses the state as a dumping ground for Mexico's excess population.


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