Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lou Dobbs and Mexico's "heroes"

Illegal immigration:

The ninth U.S.-Mexico Border Issues Conference spotlighted immigration and national security, issues that have dominated the gathering since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The March 15 conference, at the Library of Congress, drew some 200 policymakers, business leaders and experts from the United States and Mexico in such fields as health, the environment and diplomacy.

Participants included the National Council of La Raza and the Embassy of Mexico.

One panelist, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, for several years has used his nightly business program to attack undocumented immigration. His stance on the issue has been widely criticized by immigrant-rights groups and Mexico, but he says that the groups and the government of Mexico don't want to acknowledge that a problem exists.

Recently, Mexico Interior Minister Santiago Creel, who had planned to attend the conference but canceled at the last minute, called undocumented emigrants that country's heroes.

Dobbs said that the comment demonstrates Mexico's cynicism on the issue.

"Each one of those illegal aliens is a testament to the failure of Mexico's policies, economic and social," said Dobbs. "For him to say they are heroes is a horrible rationalization for the government of Mexico. I don't think Secretary Creel should take so much pride nor do I think he would hold them up as heroes if those illegal immigrants were not sending back to Mexico $17 billion every year.

"Mexico's principal export this year will be illegal aliens, not petroleum, not manufactured goods, and that should make (Mexican President) Vicente Fox and the Mexican government not more arrogant but more humble."

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