Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dutch eurosceptics and the European constitution

BBC News:

Several opinion polls indicate that Dutch voters plan to reject the EU constitution in the 1 June referendum.

An internet poll released on Monday showed that 60% of respondents opposed the constitution.

The poll, conducted by the Institute for Public and Politics, asked 7,500 people how they were planning to vote.

A poll published on Sunday by the Centre for Political Participation similarly found that only 42% of voters backed the treaty.

Here is why the Dutch have turned against the constitution:

The Netherlands is one of the EU's founding members, and support for the bloc has traditionally been strong among the Dutch.

However, tensions over immigration and the high financial cost of EU membership have led to increasing Dutch euroscepticism ahead of the poll.

In the news:

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Around the Blogosphere:

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At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is probably fair to say that very few of those asked their opinion had even read the document, which is a bit long and to say the least rather boring.

So I think the hints here at a form of overarching 'euroskepticism' are closer to a true explanation of the poll results, rather than an explicit rejection of the EU Constitution.

Holland is one of the net contributors to the EU budget, so its citizens are rightfully beginning to question whether the benefits of EU membership are worth it.


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