Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gay slur shelves reggae concert

BBC News:

Sizzla's entry to Britain was barred

A reggae festival in Paris has been cancelled after complaints about the anti-gay lyrics of singer Sizzla.

French gay groups said that some of the Jamaican performer's songs incited violence against homosexuals.

The Garrance Reggae festival featuring Sizzla was called off "because of the risk of public disorder", according to the event's organisers.

France has stringent laws against the defamation of any social groups who have been subject to discrimination.

Sizzla was one of 11 acts who were due to perform at Saturday's festival.

Six of the singer's eight planned concerts in France have so far been cancelled.

The move comes after several performances by another Jamaican reggae star, Capleton, were shelved after complaints about the singer's violently homophobic lyrics.

Music festival cancelled over homophobia

Concert Pulled Over Homophobic Star

Reggae festival pulled over homophobia


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