Thursday, June 30, 2005

Mexican police implicated in kidnappings


Mexican police have been implicated in a kidnapping ring operating in the notoriously violent border town of Nuevo Laredo, federal prosecutors said.

Police are suspected of working for the Gulf drug cartel to capture members of the rival Sinaloa cartel, El Universal reported Thursday.

The rival drug cartels have been battling for control of Nuevo Laredo, a known shipping point for drugs to the United States.

Earlier this week, 40 kidnap victims were discovered bound in duct tape in two separate homes.

The discovery came in the wake of the country's "Operation Safe Mexico" program to combat a recent wave of drug-related killings in Nuevo Laredo and other urban locales.

The program also uses federal troops as law enforcement officers in some cities.

Feds say local cops helped kidnappers

Freed captives in Mexico say police abducted them


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