Monday, July 25, 2005

African councillor wanted to marry Clinton’s daughter

Vitalis Kimutai:

Councillor Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor, who wanted to marry Chelsea Clinton

As Former US President Bill Clinton makes his first visit the country, one man will be hoping for a man-to-man talk with him.

Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor, a nominated councillor in Nakuru, says he has some social business with Clinton that started in 2000, but of which the former American President has no clue. He seeks the former president’s only child’s hand in marriage.

In 2000 when Chelsea, her father and mother, now Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, visited East Africa, Chepkurgor, then a Fourth Year student at Moi University, tried to make his intention clear. He wrote to Clinton, offering himself as a suitor for Chelsea.

He offered to pay 20 head of beef cattle and 40 goats to the Clintons in accordance to African traditions. He also named as his referees, then President Moi, Maendeleo Ya Wanawake chairman Zipporah Kittony and the Chepkoilel Campus Principal, Prof Margaret Kamar. He also gave the names his two college mates, John Tanui and Joseph Siror.

He sent the letter through then Foreign Affairs minister Dr Bonaya Godana and then US Ambassador to Kenya Johnny Carson.

But, instead of the positive response he was anticipating, Chepkurgor received visitors from the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS). His letter had sent security chiefs in a spin.

It had been intercepted by the Foreign Affairs ministry and intelligence chiefs and he was summoned to a meeting with Godana.

National Security Intelligence Service officers began background checks on him both at his Kisanana village in Mogotio and at the university. They interrogated his family, villagers, university colleagues and lecturers.

Chepkurgor says he chose Moi as a referee because he was the chancellor of the public universities and the patron of his former school, Kabarak High School. And the president was his neighbour at home.

Kittony, he said, would represent the womenfolk since she headed the country’s leading movement for women and that his MP William Morogo (Mogotio) was married to Kittony’s sister-in-law Lenah.

Prof Kamar, the wife of then Minister for Trade and Industry Nicholas Biwott, was his principal at the university. Biwott’s Keiyo South constituency neighbours his.

So why did he write to the most powerful president in the world then?

Chepkurgor says he could not circumvent the security and diplomatic red tape to meet Clinton.

"I could not even meet Johnny Carson so I wrote the letter," he says.

In the letter, Chepkurgor praised Clinton’s leadership style, the Monica Lewinsky scandal notwithstanding. He commended Hillary for standing by her husband "like an African woman" in the face of the scandal. He told Clinton to consider retiring to Africa.

He said he wanted to marry Chelsea but could not discuss the matter with her because, in an African setting, such issues are dealt with by parents, elders and the prospective suitor. He added that he would travel to America to meet with the Clintons.

Clinton offered goats and cows for Chelsea's hand

Kenyan wants to marry Chelsea


At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He commended Hillary for standing by her husband "like an African woman" in the face of the scandal. He told Clinton to consider retiring to Africa."

Multiculturalism, Bill and Hillary?

Priceless! This is absolutely priceless!!!!!


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