Thursday, July 28, 2005

Italy: Tuscany is possible al-Qaeda target


Blair's preferred holiday spot - the Italian region of Tuscany - may be an al-Qaeda target in the month of August, when the British prime minister and his family are due to spend time at friend's Tuscan country house, according to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale. The newspaper referred to information gathered by German intelligence that spoke of Tuscany as a possible al-Qaeda target by the end of August.

The information was picked up by an undercover agent in an al-Qaeda cell. During a religious celebration the agent heard people suspected of being linked to a German Salafist group tell another Muslim "brother" not to go to Tuscany in July and August. "Go where you want to, but don't go to Tuscany. Take heed from us, stay well away from that region until the end of August," the agent is said to have heard them warn.

The choice of Tuscany as a terrorist target can be explained by Blair's 10 year-long habit of spending his summer holidays in the region. Il Giornale also indicated the historic Tuscan cities of Siena and Florence as symbolically and politically valuable terrorism targets.

The information leaked from German intelligence is now being analised by Italian anti-terrorism analysts.

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