Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why the first Bush Administration refused to protect our border with Mexico

Steve Sailer:

A former INS official named Mark Reed testified to Congress in May that back during the Bush the Elder's Administration:

I was present at a high level strategy meeting between representatives of Federal Law Enforcement, DOD [Department of Defense], and the State Department regarding the urgency of sealing the Mexican border to stop drug smuggling. When DOD stated that they were capable of detecting and interdicting any intrusion, but could not distinguish between groups of migrants from drug smugglers until interdiction, the dialogue became difficult. When DOD refused to entertain the idea that they should only detain drug smugglers upon interdiction, the meeting was abruptly terminated. The safety valve that illegal immigration provided toward the stability of Mexico seemed to be a more compelling national security priority than drug smuggling.

That's certainly interesting now that word has come from the LA Times that the latest Bush administration is dunning corporations to build a war chest to "marginalize" conservative talk radio and other pillars of the GOP for opposing the President's amnesty & open borders immigration plan.

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At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The safety valve that illegal immigration provided toward the stability of Mexico seemed to be a more compelling national security priority than drug smuggling."

Ponder this paragraph for a moment.

Now answer: If we secured the border w/ Mexico, why would instability there be such a huge concern? So huge that maintaining stability in Mexico via allowing virtually uncontrolled illegal entry of Mexican nationals into the US (and what about the effects of that on the national character and cohesion of America?) would override concerns about the consequences of all that for this country?


I used to wince at terms like 'Treason Lobby', but I am a lot more comfortable w/ them these days.

At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what about the stability of the US? Doesn't THAT matter? The potential scenario of US citizens becoming fed up with their betrayal by their government is at least as likely as the same event in Mexico and bears far more serious consequences both for the US and the world.

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