Friday, September 30, 2005

A federal judge has certified a class action lawsuit alleging that FedEx Corp. discriminated against minority workers

Associated Press:

The suit contends the delivery service paid thousands of current and former minority employees less than their white counterparts, passed over them for promotions and gave minorities poor work evaluations.

James Finberg, an attorney representing the class, said FedEx normally promotes from within, yet three times the number of package handlers and loaders are minorities compared to drivers, who earn more. Twice the number of minorities fail promotional tests than do whites, Finberg added.

"FedEx knows that black and Hispanics fail at a much higher rate, but yet has not changed the test," Finberg said.

In other words, Finberg wants FedEx to change its tests so that they become useless in separating the competent from the incompetent.


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