Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Egyptian authorities have arrested about 100 people suspected of inciting a riot outside a Coptic church in which three protestors were killed

BBC News:

The men, who will be held for 15 days for questioning, face charges of incitement and damaging property.

Thousands of Muslims demonstrated outside St George's church in Cairo on Friday and clashed with police.

They were protesting about a DVD of a play put on by the church, which they said was offensive to Islam.

Dozens of people were injured in the crush. Police said one man who died was trampled and had inhaled tear gas.

The demonstration was the latest in a series of incidents at the church related to the performance of the play, staged at the church in 2003.

The drama, entitled I Once Was Blind But Now I See, tells the story of a poor young Copt who is drawn to Islamist militants who then try to kill him.

Coptic Christian leaders have said the play depicts the dangers of extremism, not of Islam.

Copts, who account for about 10% of the population, generally live in harmony with the Muslim majority although tensions sometimes erupt.

Complaints have included allegations of discrimination in the workplace, restrictions on church construction and fears that Christians are being forced to convert by Islamic extremists.

Egyptian Police Guard Coptic Church Attacked by Muslims

Insulting Islam in Egypt


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