Monday, October 24, 2005

Orange County now has more non-whites than whites and its largest school district, Santa Ana, is more than 90% Latino

Los Angeles Times:

Six years ago, the Anaheim Union High School District board rebelled against spending money on students who were illegal immigrants, and it looked into billing foreign governments for their education — even though the state picks up the bill for all such students. Two years ago, a Newport Beach councilman made headlines with his opposition to beautifying a public beach because doing so might attract too many "Mexicans."

Now comes Jim Gilchrist, a retired accountant who made a surprisingly strong showing in a special primary election for Congress in the district that includes Newport Beach. His one claim to fame: Gilchrist is one of the founders of the Minutemen, self-styled citizen-soldiers who took it upon themselves to patrol the border with Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants.

Gilchrist didn't come close to defeating the Republican front-runner, state Sen. John Campbell (R-Irvine), who received more than 45% of the vote. But running as a member of the American Independent Party, he outpolled the Democrat and came close to another popular Republican. Gilchrist's one-issue campaign won him almost 15% of the electorate, and he will be on the ballot in the general election Dec. 6.

His success shows that the voting public is legitimately troubled by illegal immigration — and that's true beyond Orange County. Gilchrist might have had similar success elsewhere; he has won praise from many corners, including from the nation's top immigration enforcement official and from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sex Education Text a Hot Issue in Pregnancy-Prone Santa Ana


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad, because every time and every place this happens, another piece of America disappears. Any honest person who has seen this happen knows this is so.


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