Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Two of the Muslims jailed in an international terror investigation have been freed from prison

Copenhagen Post:

Two of the seven young Muslims charged with planning terror activities were released from custody on Tuesday, after a Brøndby court ordered them freed. Four suspects remain behind bars, while one has been transferred to a psychiatric ward, national broadcaster DR reported.

The police did not say why the couple, a Ugandan man and a Georgian woman, had been released, but the two appeared voluntarily for interrogation after the other arrests in late October.

The married couple lived in an apartment owned by the sister of one of the teenagers still held in the case and are still suspects, the police said.

The charges against them, however, remain to be announced, as the judge in the case decided to extend an order keeping details of the investigation sealed, given the on-going nature of the investigation.

Previous reports have revealed, however, that the primary suspects in the case, a group of young men of Middle Eastern descent, were arrested after police in Sarajevo discovered a cache of explosives and linked suspects there with the Danes.

A Turkish-Danish man and a Swedish citizen are under arrest in Sarajevo in the same case.

The court decided that the evidence against the five other suspects arrested in Denmark was strong enough to warrant them remaining in police custody until at least 21 December.

The men are, however, to be released from solitary confinement.

An appeal by prosecutor Henrik Holten-Rasmussen means that the four will continue to be held in isolation until the Supreme Court hands down its decision.

The Supreme Court will also decide whether the two suspects under the age of 18 must be transferred from an adult corrections facility to a juvenile institution.

The man being kept in a psychiatric institution is there at his own request. His mental condition pre-dates the current terror case, according to the court.

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