Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Muslims behead 3 Christian teens in Indonesia

J. Grant Swank Jr:

"’I tell people: Do not retaliate; only God can do that,’ said Rev. Stephen Dayoh, taking a break from pitching a large tent outside his church for Christmas services. ‘If we do, it means we are the same as them.’"

Muslim machetes cut off the heads of three Christian teenage girls. A fourth girl fled, according to AP.

"’All I could do was pray to Jesus for his help,’ said 16-year-old Noviana Malewa, who fled with a gaping head wound. ‘I was streaming with blood.’ A thick scar runs from the back of her neck to just under her right eye.

"Noviana's family, which fled the hamlet overlooking Poso, had recently returned, confident that tensions were subsiding. Still recovering from the attack, the girl now lives under police guard in the Christian town of Tentena.

"In her only interview since the killings, Noviana described how the girls in their school uniforms were taking a shortcut to school through jungle and plantations when they ran into at least five masked, black-clad men.

"As she fled bleeding, the assailants collected her friends' heads, put them into black plastic bags and then dumped in Christian parts of Poso, one on a porch, the other two on the street.

"’They were killed as if they were chickens,’ said Hernius Morangki, showing a reporter the spot where his daughter was decapitated. ‘I keep asking myself, what were my daughter's sins?’

"Christians, who represent just 5 percent of the country's overall population of 220 million, have refrained from loudly demanding justice.

"Muslim militants are blamed for the October killings, the most gruesome yet in a campaign of terror against Christians on the island of Sulawesi.

More than 1000 Christians there have been slain by Muslims.

"’They want to see Poso become alive with the spirit of jihad,’ said Fahirin Ibnu Achmad, an Afghan-trained militant.

"Also close by is heavily Muslim southern Thailand, where a two-year insurgency has left more than 1,100 dead.

"The United States is closely watching Indonesia, where Jemaah Islamiyah militants are accused of carrying out a string of suicide bombings on Western targets since 2002, including attacks on the island of Bali that killed more than 220 people, most of them foreign tourists."

Yes, the US had better take note. No wonder the surveillance current in America. May US President George W. Bush not cower to the liberal press and other secularists who join in with Muslims in favor of Islam world rule.

Sleeper cells are rampant. Four thousand Muslim web sites are in cyberspace spewing hate. Mosques are often managed by clerics teaching murder and rape. The Koran’s killing passages are taken most seriously by Muslim murderers global.

Yet the liberal media will not use the "M" word when recounting Islamic killers’ atrocities. They are instead called "insurgents" or "terrorists." It’s time for politicians, lawmakers, judges, media and clergy to name Muslim murderers as Muslim murderers. It is time to use the "M" word daily in order to warn the planet of the Allah worshipers take over agenda.

The Muslim machete-carrying slayers leaped out from behind a wall of tall grass. Before the Christian girls could run for their lives, their heads were separated from their necks. The Christian pastor advocates not retaliating in like kind but to follow the spirit of Jesus. Jesus told His own that they would be persecuted for righteousness’ sake. He told them to pray for their enemies, do good for their enemies and pray to God that the enemies would experience a conversion of love and grace.

Christians in freedom-based countries sometimes have no idea of the persecution taking place against their own brothers and sisters elsewhere, particularly those living among Muslim haters. Muslims are taught to kill non-Muslims. Cowardly Muslims who do not do so are to be slain as well. Christians worldwide must enter into prayerful intercessions for the persecuted elsewhere.

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