Friday, January 13, 2006

MSM: Some victims are more equal than others

John Brimelow:

On early Thursday morning in Fort Lauderdale, between two and four young thugs beat, in seperate incidents, three vagrant men with baseball bats. One of the victims has died.

It appears that the assailants were white (or hispanic - 10% of Fort Lauderdale is Latino). Judging by one surveillance video, at least one of the victims was black.

By late Thursday evening, Google News has almost 100 news stories on this incident, and rising. The major TV Networks have made it national news, newspapers all over the country have stories on their web sites and it has started to appear overseas.

On New Year’s Day in Richmond a white man who was once quite well known nationally as a musician, his wife, and two young daughters had their throats cut at the culmination of a home invasion robbery. The two black men arrested and charged for these killings have also been charged with the killings of three other blacks in another Richmond home the following Friday (one of the victims apparently was an accomplice to the first murders). They look likely to be charged in other killings and home invasions. Both have prison records: one being released after 10 years in prison in October.

As of late Thursday night, Google News has only 93 stories on this much more mature and bigger story. Almost all the coverage is local to the two towns where the accused lived and Philadelphia, where they were arrested. There has been little national coverage since the arrests.

Moronic young hoodlums making a sport of beating marginalised and pitiable derelicts is wicked and intolerable and has to be repressed.

But already-identified criminals invading apparently quite inoffensive functional homes and engaging in uninhibited slaughter is, bluntly, a far more important threat. Just as Black on white crime is far more serious than white on black. Society has to figure out how to deal with the type of people who do this sort of thing, and ignoring who they are is irresponsible.

The Heinous Demeanor of the Black

Color Of Crime, Sound Of (Big Media) Silence


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