Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Operation Predator reports that 85% of arrests for child sex crimes focus on illegal immigrants in the United States

J. Grant Swank Jr.:

There are 11 million illegals here.

More than 6000 arrests are criminal immigrants in America. They should not be here. Yet they are here. They need to be sent home, wherever that is.

Law-abiding Americans have long been stating that this nation is not meant to harbor criminals from other countries. We have enough of our own in-bred types without importing the same ilk from other parts of the globe.

Send them home — now.

Operation Predator, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office, is put in place to shield boys and girls against sex criminals from other places.

Two hundred fifty predators are put behind bars every month. Therefore, American citizens must give Operator Predator all the support possible. It’s trying to help decent parents keep their offspring safe from those who would prey upon their innocence.

The bottom line then is reality — get rid of these scum societal torturers by deporting them immediately.

ICE Arrests 50 Aliens in NYC Operation Predator Sweep

Operation Predator: Protecting Kids from Sex Crimes

ICE Arrests 5,000th Predator


At 2:54 PM, Blogger hoss_tagge said...

the american people need to wake up and start throwing out of office the criminals on capitol hill who won't properly guard the border, deport illegals, and keep the number of legal immigrants to a very, very small number (the closer to zero, teh better for u.s. citizens). but the sheeple seem nearly incapable of overcoming the war chests and media blitzes put on by criminals such as kennedy, specter, mccain, h. clinton, et al. as long as these people can collect the lobbying contributions/bribes of the pro-invasion lobby and not get booted out of office for it, they will continue to do so. there is also a large number of american people who live in a bubble and never really see, or try to see, the devastation of overimmigration. these folks are easily swayed by cliches like "...jobs americans won't do..." "...only coming here for a better way of life...." and other such propaganda and half-truths.

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the best way to get info on the immigration crisis to the well-meaning but poorly informed is to get them to listen to John and Ken's show on the internet at http://www.kfiam640.com/interactive/streaming.html
They are on from 3 to 7pm Pacific time.


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