Friday, April 28, 2006

A black educator in Halifax, Canada suggests a school exclusively for black students will help them thrive

CBC News:

Wade Smith, vice-principal at St. Patrick's High School, said the education system is failing black students.

"Putting forward the notion of a black school is something that people might not be comfortable with because it suggests that things aren't working. Then I think you have to look at the possibility of a black school as something positive, that's good for our culture and good for our people," he said.

This week, the Halifax Regional School Board heard that it is still failing to fully handle the needs of African-Nova Scotian students.

The board's African-Nova Scotian advisory committee found that students and parents often feel picked on or isolated at their schools. They also say there is not enough diversity among teachers and administrators.

The minister for African-Nova Scotian Affairs, Barry Barnet, said the idea of moving black students into another school strikes him as a step backwards.

"I don't believe that a segregated school is necessarily the kind of solution that may create a positive learning environment," Barnet said.

Barnet said this department will not consider the change at this time.

Of the thousands of black Nova Scotians he's met, the minister added, no one has ever asked for a separate school. But Smith said at this point, drastic action may be the only way to help black students succeed.

Report: School system still failing black kids


At 7:41 PM, Blogger BunBun4life said...

I know me and my white family would thrive if there weren't any fucking shit blacks in the schools. Let them kill each other in their own schools.

The city I am from (Memphis, TN) is 70% black and almost every public school there is at least 98% black, there are a few with partial white, and in some ritzy areas MAYBE 50/50.

We have rapes, gang killings, 5 year olds with loaded guns or bring crack to school and pass it out (think it's candy) one 6 yr old boy actually pointed his loaded gun at another kid on the bus and said 'do you wanna die today' 6 FUCKING YEARS OLD. Last year Frayser High School in Memphis had something like 24% of the student body was pregnant, but they defended themselves by saying the surrounding neighborhood has a 27% teenage pregnancy rate so the school was actually BETTER.

Fuck desegration. I left Memphis a year ago, I am almost 50 years old I've seen it all, went to those schools both before and after forced busing, and watched it decline into just garbage. I don't care if people call me ignorant redneck, or think I must be some kind of stupid hick. Because that is BULL. My mother was a left wing radical hippie dumbass & I believed her crap, until I got sent to 'Memphrica' deluxe school Rozelle Elementary instead of the school 2 blocks from my home, and had boys grab their dicks, say pst pst pst until I looked then open their legs and scratch their dicks and laugh & also threaten to 'cut you' on the playground. I was TEN YEARS OLD. My grades went from straight A's the previous 3 years to C's D's and F's my first 6 week period. The school board asked my mother if I had obtained a 'head injury' over the summer. AW NAW fucktards, it's just kid of hard to study as a 10 year old used to kids who obey teachers and sit quietly to be surrounded by jabbering dick scratching monkeys who threaten to kill me.

Tell 'em to THRIVE ON in their own schools.


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