Thursday, April 27, 2006

Police have arrested a Utah State University football player accused of first-degree felony rape

Linda Thomson:

Jerod Walker

Back-up quarterback Jerod Walker, 19, turned himself in to police Thursday. He was arrested and booked into the Cache County Jail, according to USU Police Lt. Steve Milne. Walker bailed out on $10,000 bond.

It is unclear when Walker will make an initial appearance in court. No official charge from the county attorney's office had been documented in the statewide court computer system as of Saturday.

"The report came to us early Monday morning, April 10. The victim contacted us. We interviewed her and some of her friends that she had discussed this with, and she submitted to a rape examination," Milne said.

"We also interviewed Mr. Walker. He was cooperative, he came in and told us his side of the story stating that it was consensual sex," Milne said. "The county attorney's office said there was enough evidence to support a charge of rape."

The woman had gone to Walker's apartment on campus April 9 and, early the next morning, "She reported immediately to her roommate, and we were contacted from there," Milne said.

"We proceeded very carefully on this because we knew there would be a lot of media attention because it's an athlete, but we also owed it to the victim to proceed as quickly as possible," Milne said.

Conviction on a first-degree felony potentially carries a sentence of five-years-to-life in prison.

Utah State athletic director Randy Spetman and head football coach Brent Guy declined comment Saturday.

Walker has been suspended from the team and did not take part in a scrimmage on Friday.

Following the scrimmage, Guy told the Deseret Morning News, "He was suspended, and we won't know (more) until the legal action runs its course."

Jerod Walker: Black or Mormon? You be the judge!

Utah State quarterback charged with sexual assault

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