Thursday, May 25, 2006

A bouncer is charged in the shooting death of a man outside a NYC nightclub and there are reports he has confessed to three more murders


Stephen Sakai

Police charged 30-year-old Stephen Sakai with murder and attempted murder. Published reports say police are looking into Sakai's claims that he has killed at least three other people in the past.

Police say Sakai opened fire Tuesday night outside the club Opus 22 after some patrons refused to leave to let in another party. Gustavo Cuadros, 25, was killed. His brother was critically injured.

Bouncers have been in the spotlight in recent months. Three months ago, a bouncer at a Soho bar was accused of murdering patron Imette St. Guillen. The police commissioner says bars and bouncers will be held accountable.

"We're looking at the entire universe of bouncers, you might say, and the city, as you know, the individual accused of killing Imette St. Guillen was in fact employed as a bouncer so we're doing an in-depth investigation of that whole business," said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The City Council is pushing for legislation. Speaker Christine Quinn is backing a bill that would make it easier for the city to close clubs whose bouncers do not follow drug and gun laws.

Rage for club-slay bouncer

Bouncer Is Questioned in Chelsea Shooting



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