Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The brother of a man who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges was charged with first degree murder


The Denver District Attorney's Office says Mustafa Ujaama, 38, murdered 40-year-old Timothy Kaufman in his home near 28th Avenue and Dexter Street on June 12. Then Ujaama hid the body in the trunk of the victim's car, authorities said.

Ujaama surrendered to Denver Police later that day.

Kaufman's body was found the next day.

Ujaama is being held without bond in the Denver County Jail.

He is scheduled to be in court on June 21.

Mustafa Ujaama's brother, former Denver resident James Ujaama, pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide money and computers to the Taliban.

Taliban Supporter's Brother Arrested In Denver


Man pleads guilty to conspiring to aid Taliban

The friends of James Ujaama


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