Thursday, June 29, 2006

A court in Denmark has jailed a Pakistani man for life for ordering the murder of his 18-year-old daughter

BBC News:

Ghazala Khan was shot dead two days after her wedding, because the family opposed her choice of husband.

She died and her husband was wounded last September at a train station in Slagelse, a village west of Copenhagen.

The court also set 16-year jail terms for Mr Abbas' older son Akhtar Khan - who admitted shooting his sister - and two uncles.

The life sentence on the father, Ghulum Abbas, is commuted automatically to 16 years under Danish law.

Five other relatives and friends from the Pakistani community in Denmark who had helped track down the bride and her new husband received sentences of between eight and 14 years.

Two of them, an aunt and another uncle who are still Pakistani nationals, face deportation after their sentences.

'Honour killing' family jailed over shot bride


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