Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jews and the Ukrainian Holocaust

Steve Sailer:

Whatever its precise magnitude, the Ukrainian Holocaust is perhaps the most ignored event of the 20th Century. The only persons I've ever heard use the phrase "Ukrainian Holocaust" on television have been Pat Buchanan and Mel Gibson during the "Passion of the Christ" brouhaha. I imagine the phrase went right over the heads of 99% of the people watching the interview, but I also suspect (although without much evidence) that Mel was aiming it to be a thumb in the eye to Abe Foxman of the ADL and the like to show them that he knows that they know the secret of the Ukrainian Holocaust.

What is the secret?

The reason you almost never hear about the Ukrainian Holocaust, unlike, say, the Armenian Holocaust of 1915, is that among "Stalin's Willing Executioners" (to use Berkeley historian Yuri Slezkine's phrase in his landmark 2004 book, The Jewish Century, which restores the dignity of Jews, after decades of being portrayed solely as passive victims of history, by showing how Jews, qua Jews, were among the most dynamic actors in the central events of the 20th Century) in the Ukraine, secular Jews were vastly over-represented in proportion to their small numbers

Stalin went out of his way to assign Jewish secret policemen to the homicidal collectivization of Ukrainian agricultural because, being a close student how he could exploit all that is twisted and hate-ridden in history, he knew that Jewish Communists would be the least likely to show mercy to the Ukrainian peasants due to the ancient ethnic animus between the farmers and the Jews employed by the ruling Polish nobles as rent and tax collectors, a hostility which culminated in the pogroms of the 1648 anti-Polish uprising in the Ukraine.

It's easy, though, to over-estimate the role of Jews during the first 2 to 3 decades of the Soviet Union, as Kevin MacDonald sometimes does. Since they made up no more than 2% of the total population, only at rare times and places did they ever make up a local majority of the Communist ideologues and killers. But that Jews were, on average, the most enthusiastic supporters of the Leninist-Stalinist state of all the many ethnic groups within the Soviet Union seems indisputable after the publication of The Jewish Century by Slezkine, a 1982 dissident refugee from the Soviet Union, who is himself half Jewish.

Of course, the NKVD butcher boys weren't religious Jews, but then neither were many Jewish heroes like Einstein.



At 1:55 AM, Blogger Sultan Knish said...

there were jewish communists, there were also far more non-jewish communists obviously by a factor of tens of thousands

nikita kruschev, who later succeeded stalin, was ukranian and headed the region. nor was it a ukranian holocaust because it was far from only ukranians who were starved out. the goal was collectivization and the suppression of anyone who resisted.

similar large scale killings and round-ups were carried out of many groups in the USSR including Chechneyans, ethnic Germans and Jews as well, not to mention the purges in any eastern european country they captured

this is not even figuring the russian death toll of the stalin era which vastly outweighed the ukranians so if there was any holocaust it was more like a russian holocaust, than a ukranian one


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