Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A 12-year-old Scottish girl has been kidnapped and taken to Pakistan - for a forced marriage to a man aged 25

Karen Bale:

Molly Campbell was snatched from her school on the isle of Lewis on Friday and flown 4500 miles to her dad Sajad Rana's homeland.

Last night the youngster's distraught granny said she believes he will now make Molly become a child bride.

Violet Robertson, 67, said: "It's just terrible. Molly is only a little girl. It's an arranged marriage. She doesn't know the man. He's 25.

"Molly doesn't want to go to Pakistan. She wants to stay with her mum."

Violet claimed that Sajad had tried before to abduct Molly, whose given name is Misbah Iram Ahmed Rana.

UK: 12 Year Old Abducted For Forced Marriage In Pakistan

'We miss you so much, Molly, we just want you back home'

Interpol alert for snatched girl, 12

End of innocence

Mother in tearful appeal over 'Pakistan abduction' girl


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