Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blacks are South Africa’s worst racists and fellow Africans are their main victims

Futhi Ntshingila:

These are the findings of a nationwide survey conducted by Plus 94 Research, a marketing research company. An affiliate of the Gallup group, it interviewed 2000 people about their experiences at shops, hospitals, transport outlets, municipal offices, financial institutions and other places.

They were asked if they had been discriminated against because of their race in the past year, and if so, where and the race of the person who discriminated against them.

Almost half of the respondents said they had received racially inspired “prejudicial” treatment in hospitals and clinics and 39% in shops. Twenty-six percent said they had been ill-treated by municipalities because of their race, and 32% said they had been treated in this manner by government agencies such as the police and the Home Affairs Department.

The survey found that even though African people were most likely to be victimised by other races, almost half of South Africans had experienced discrimination at the hands of Africans.

Some 44% of respondents claimed to have experienced an attitude from Africans they believed bordered on racial discrimination, against 27% who had received similar treatment by whites when seeking out services in public places.

The chief executive of Plus 94, Sifiso Falala, said the survey found that Africans also felt they were unlikely to be offered decent service by African employees in both public and private institutions.

“Blacks are more likely to be ill-treated on race grounds, but blacks are also more likely to treat other blacks worse than they treat people of other races,” said Falala.

The results showed that 38% of all respondents said they had experienced “discrimination” from people of all race groups in these institutions, and 45% claimed to have experienced discrimination particularly from black Africans.

Falala said the survey was aimed at measuring overt resentment, where people deliberately treated others in a way that was prejudicial and could be perceived as racism.

“What I found most interesting was that black people were the largest group with this problem, both as victims and as perpetrators.

“This is something that people need to know because it’s a reality for many people when dealing with a security guard or a bank.”

Zamile Mbanjwa, of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, said the findings were consistent with her recent experience at a Ladysmith restaurant.

I wasn’t served because the waiter made it his policy not to serve black people because they don’t tip.”

The poll found that Indians were the most likely recipients of racial hostility from Africans, with three out of four Indian respondents claiming first-hand experience of this.

The sentiment was most obvious in Durban and academic and activist Ashwin Desai said this was not surprising. “You tend to compare yourself with somebody across the road from you. Therefore the conflict between Africans and Indians happens ironically in places where they live next to each other,” he said.

Africa's destructive deception


At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same thing in the US. Blacks treat others blacks worse than whites ever did. What the waiter says in the article is correct. Blacks don't tip. I used to work as a waiter in restaurants in college and the staff (white, black, brown, etc...) hated getting black customers at their tables because they knew they would get stiffed on the tip, no matter what. I hated it too.
All the black on black crime is proof of that too. Black leaders in African countries treated (and still do) treat blacks worse than South Africa ever did during apartheid. Look at Uganda, Congo (Zaire), Burundi, etc...Not too many whites there. But the press would reserve their selective outrage for SA. Meanwhile, black were trying to get to SA in droves to work in the mines. At least they got paid, fed and weren't shot at by gov't troops or rebels (or both).

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Gauteng SA,

I don't think apartheid was right. But didn't America have slaves?? Weren't they also seen as a minority race? They just didn't give it a name but wasn't apartheid also present? I was a small kid who didn't know about all the things going on around the country why am I being punished for things that I wasn't part off?? The guys running around blaming apartheid for things are my age... apartheid happened to their parents and grandparents not to them why are they carrying on about it? I thought we were all free since 1994? They had opportunities since then to study and learn but are still relying on afirmative action and blaming apartheid to find jobs because they didn't take the opportunities given to them. Afirmitave action was a good idea for awhile to get black south africans into the loop but now it has been taken too far...Half of black South Africans sitting in possisions they are, are not qualified and can't do the job but they are there because they are black.

Some one mentioned yesterday that a march is going to be held at Loftus this weekend because there are to little blacks in the Springbok Rugby team...quota hasn't been met... what about the soccer team Bafana, Bafana? There are almost no whites in the team and you don't hear anyone say "hey what about the quota?" APARTHEID IS TURNED AROUND! Blacks and Whites have swopped places.

Yesterday (22/08/2006) the front page story of the Star read of a young black boy that was brutely abused by two teenage black boys (apparently his cousins). They threw him with hot water over his face and private parts and cut pieces of skin of his head... not to metion what else!!!

How many rapes were there on babies the last 2 years. Alot of these babies were black and were raped by black men that believed that they would be cured of AIDS.
How sick is that!!!

South Africa is in a mess and everyone is showing a blind eye to what is happening.

We are allowing imigrants to come in our country without any permits and take the work of our own country men. We are allowing people to walk free of crimes after a few years of good behaviour...because jails are to full.

We are worried about Uganda, The Congo, Burundi and Zimbabwe. We are spending millions on building and converting stadiums for the 2010 Soccer World cup. We are lining the pockets of politicians.
But everyday about 800 people die of aids, every week there are about 2 farm murders, everyday people get killed in hi-jackings, everyday people are being killed for their cellphones and private property, everyday woman and children are being raped and everyday people are being assulted for fun.... (by the way this is not reported on in the news because it is more important to show us what happens around the world rather in our own country...)


South Africa is destroying itself.


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