Friday, August 18, 2006

Police are investigating a mistake that resulted in officers arresting a white woman on a warrant for a black man

Associated Press:

Heather Williams, 21, said she was mistakenly arrested Aug. 9.

Assistant Police Chief Rob Hahn said that the matter is being investigated and that it was not immediately clear how the mistake was made.

"This is an accident, and all we want to do is make sure we figure out how it happened so it doesn't again," Hahn said.

Williams said she was shocked when officers, responding to a domestic complaint at a friend's house, said there was a warrant for her arrest for failing to appear on charges of possessing hashish.

Officers told her that the birth date for the wanted man is the same as hers, Williams said, and she spent a night in the Vanderburgh County Jail before a court magistrate ordered her released.

"I kept telling them they must be mistaken," she said.

It's the second time this year an Evansville resident has been mistakenly arrested.

The Rev. Robert Allen Jr., 47, was arrested during a visit with his son at the Vanderburgh County Jail on charges of failing to pay child support. Six hours later, police released him after realizing that it was his son who actually faced charges.

Woman Arrested On Man's Warrant

County clerk says office erred on warrant


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