Friday, August 25, 2006

Schools accused of being racist for reporting black academic failure

Anne Imanuel:

The goal of the legislation is to leave no child behind, but some parents say the No Child Left Behind legislation is singling certain children out.

Many Florida schools did not meet the Annual Yearly Progress guidelines.

Williston Middle School is one of those schools. They sent out a letter to parents stating why they fell short. A portion of the letter states:

"The following sub-groups did not meet the criteria for making AYP.

1. Reading: African American students

2. Mathematics: African American students and students with disabilities.

3. Writing: African American students

That language has some parents concerned.

"It's unfortunate that they find someone to put the blame on. I'm very much concerned about that I can't say that enough. 'African American, African American..' it's got to be more to it," says Jeff Bryant.

Bryant is a father and former school teacher. He says the letter sounds racist.

But Levy County school officials say it's not meant to sound that way. They add, they also have no choice in how it sounds because the state lays out very specific guidelines for how to notify parents of the schools' progress.

Levy County Superintendent Cliff Norris says, "We are required by Florida law and the No Child Left Behind law to send that notification out and it's sent out in a format that is prescribed to us by the Florida Department Of Education in a sample letter."

They say parents in all counties across Florida whose child's school does not meet the Annual Yearly Progress goals should expect similar letters by the end of September.

No Child Left Behind - Encouraging Racism?


At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Nick T said...

So what the hell is new-it's been thus ever since testing started,and intergrated schools became the law of the land [1954].Yet the pinheads in "academia"still ignore genetics and racial disparity in I.Q.People-YOU CANNOT TEACH PENGUINS TO FLY!The money per "pupil"in D.C.[17,000$/ea],would negate my wifes need to work and my SS check.And the NEA's big agender this year is "gay exposure"for all students,from the third grade on.Between diversity classes,self-esteem masterbation,multicultureral exposure,ad naseum,-not to mention a total lack of DISCIPLINE,just how are these wannabe ganstas,NBA stars,rap artists,and affirmative- action candidates for a football "scholarship" expect to ever produce offspring that can read,write,speak English,or know WHO THEY ARE?


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