Monday, August 14, 2006

Young Muslims in Wales have accused the British government of master-minding the plot to blow up transatlantic jets

Nathan Bevan:

Some followers of Islam have claimed the arrest of more than 20 people on suspicion of scheming to kill thousands of passengers travelling to America using liquid explosives is designed to bolster the Prime Minister's flagging credibility over the Iraq and Lebanon-Israel crises.

Speaking to Wales On Sunday last night, members of the Cathays Dar-ul-Isra Muslim Community Centre in Cardiff said it was a ploy to reinforce Mr Blair's alliance with US President George W Bush, who waged war on Saddam Hussein on a discredited claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

"I believe this so-called plot is all a fabrication aimed at covering up the actions of George Bush and Tony Blair," said Abdul Ullah, 26. "Sadly, people will believe whatever they are told these days."

Dr Sam Ben, 29, added: "As far as I can make out, people have been arrested but none have been charged with anything or were caught at the scene of any crime. I believe the whole operation has been a smoke-screen."

Another said: "It's all a lie from the government. I think they want to cover up what's going on in the Middle East and it's just another way to take attention away from what is happening there and to frighten people into silence.

"It's similar to what happened with Iraq. It will probably take years before the truth finally comes out."

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At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These guys are way off. Don't they know it was agents of the Vatican and the plot was masterminded by Jews?


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