Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Asians live the longest while blacks have the shortest life expectancy in the United States

Scott Allen:

Asian women in Bergen County, N.J., typically live at least 30 years longer than Native Americans in South Dakota, highlighting an enormous gulf in life expectancy between the longest - and shortest-lived people in the United States, according to a provocative new Harvard University study.

Nationally, the study finds that Asians live the longest -- 84.9 years on average -- while urban blacks in high-crime areas have the shortest life expectancy, just 71.1 years. But people in certain counties face even shorter lives: Residents of six South Dakota counties typically die before age 67, while people in Baltimore live an average of 68.6 years, according to the study. Native American men in one South Dakota county typically only live to about 58.

Longevity Study Finds Wide Gaps Between Races, Classes

City comes up short on longevity

Wide Gaps Found In Mortality Rates Among U.S. Groups

Utah ranks No. 3 in U.S. on life span


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