Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Belgian police chief urges separate jails for Muslim extremists

Expatica News:

The Belgian judicial services have inadequate clout to wage an optimal war against terrorism, the director of the federal police force, Glenn Audenaert, has said.

"After the recent war in Lebanon, I ordered a report from my services; an evaluation of the amount of radicalisation of our population," Audenaert said.

He said the report indicates a worsening situation, namely a continued radicalisation of several sections of the Muslim community due to circumstances beyond the Belgian government's control.

"We are doing everything possible to prevent an attack. Up until now, the government has had an ear for our complaints. We have received extra staff and resources," Audenaert said.

"They are being used optimally. We enjoy in Belgium the highest regard from our foreign colleagues. But we are gradually reaching the limits of our capabilities. We have to constantly start new investigations and we can't deal with them with priority."

To prevent young criminals becoming radicalised in jail by the influence of charismatic fundamentalists, Audenaert urged Muslim extremists be housed in separate prisons.

"A real form of idol worship exists around a number of these figures. That is not without its dangers," he said, urging for a "protective circle" to be built around them regardless of the cost.

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