Friday, September 29, 2006

Muslim judge in sex scandal in Britain

Steve Bird:

Mohammed Ilyas Khan

The disgraced judge at the centre of the Brazilian cleaner blackmail plot was left isolated today as his wife shunned him.

Amtul Khan said that she no longer had any contact with Mohammed Ilyas Khan, her estranged husband.

She said revelations that he had been sleeping with an illegal immigrant and made a series of home made sex videos came as no surprise to her. The Khans had two children.

Mr Khan’s career as an immigration and Crown Court Recorder is on the line after it emerged Roselane Driza, his live-in-lover and former cleaner, had stolen videos of him having sex with a blonde woman and a female judge, named only as Miss J, who was said to have been snorting cocaine.

Speaking from her home in Birmingham, Mrs Khan said: “None of the family have anything to do with him. His parents are both deceased and I doubt his siblings have anything to do with him.

“The court revelations are no surprise to me.”

One friend of the couple, who did not want to be named, said: “Amtul was absolutely devastated when she found out what he had been up to. They were such a lovely couple.

“Mr Khan is a weak man who seems quite easily led. This whole thing is very embarrassing for them all and I feel so sorry for Amtul and the kids.

"He should have behaved more responsibly and thought about them instead of himself.”

Mrs Khan’s comments add to speculation about Mr Khan’s womanising.

Earlier Miss J had told the Old Bailey that Mr Khan, a Muslim, was also sleeping with a number of women while living with Driza.

Driza is facing a lengthy jail sentence after being found guilty of trying to blackmail 20,000 from Miss J.

The 37-year-old Brazilian had worked illegally for both Mr Khan and Miss J for up to five years despite not having a work permit.

UK: The Muslim Judge, And His Sex, Lies & Videotape

She started by marrying a serial killer


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