Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Muslim women in Britain are having their face veils removed so their identities can be checked before they take driving tests

Daily Mail:

The move by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) follows a spate of cases in which bogus learner drivers impersonated friends or relatives and took the test for them.

Now the DSA has ordered female test examiners to discreetly remove the face veil - or nikab - from Muslim women in a private room along with a female chaperone or interpreter.

They will then match the women's faces against a photo ID from their provisional driving licence or passport to ensure entrants are genuine.

Posters featuring a photograph of two Muslim women wearing veils, and written in Arabic and English, were put up last week at test centres in Muslim communities all over Britain. The poster says: 'Dear customers, Did you know you can ask a chaperone to escort you on your driving test?

Anyone aged 16 or over can go with you but they must not speak during the test. Alternatively you can bring an interpreter, who is over 16 and not your driving instructor. The interpreter must only repeat the instructions given by the examiner.

'At the test centre, the examiner will need to check your identification against your photo card. To do this you will need to remove your nikab. Where possible this will be conducted in a private area and where possible by a female examiner.'

Last year, 260 people were investigated by the DSA after trying to impersonate others who were supposed to be taking the test. So far this year, 250 such cases have been investigated. It is not known if any involved Muslims wearing veils because separate figures on religion and ethnicity are not collected.

UK: Muslim Women In Veils May Be Faking Their Driving Tests


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