Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Paris judge has ordered the leader of a banned extremist black power group to shut down his internet website because of its anti-Semitic content

European Jewish Press:

Monday’s decision concerning the group Tribu Ka comes came after a lawsuit brought by several French Jewish groups.

The group will be forced to pay a fine if it does not shut down its site within 48 hours, the judge said.

If he doesn’t comply with the decision, he will have to pay 1,500 euros per day of delay. The Union of Jewish Students in France (UEJF) was one of the organizations that had called for Kemi Seba’s personal website -- which the group’s lawyer said was "marked with the hatred of Jews on every page" -- to be banned.

Keba, who is the leader of Tribu Ka, had appeared last week before a French court to defend himself against charges of anti-Semitism over the contents of his website. Tribu Ka, a black identity group, was outlawed last July by the French authorities after its members descended in May on a Paris Jewish quarter, wielding baseball bats and shouting anti-Semitic slogans.

More than 20 members of the group walked up and down the crowded Rue des Rosiers, performing Nazi salutes, looking for a fight with the neighborhood’s Jews, threatening and intimidating them.

The Paris judge, Emmanuel Binoche, said that Seba “has obviously gone beyond the necessary limits of freedom of expression by stigmatizing the Jews as the responsible for the trade of blacks in order to create troubles and violence”.

The website in question refers repeatedly to the "Zionist AIDS" and evokes the necessity “to eradicate the Zionist mafia”.

Tribu Ka, which was created in December 2004, advocates the separation of the races and a return to Africa for black people.

The Union of French Jewish Students welcomed the judge’s decision.

"We will not let those who are inciting to hatred and encourage the opposition between two communities which have everything to hold a dialogue,” Benjamin Abtan, the UEJF chairman said in a communique.

"Kemi Seba and Tribu Ka are threats to the Republic and to democracy,” he added.

Kemi Seba was present on Monday at the Paris court with a group of supporters. Speaking to the press, he reiterated its attacks against the “Zionists which control the world bodies”. He said he would open a new internet site.

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At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Joe Doakes said...

Go figure. I have no use for any Middle Easterners nor do I think America or Europe should get involved in their racial and national quarrels.

Their neocon shock troops have been blathering lately about a German theater that decided not to put on a play that used Mohammed's chopped off head sitting on a chair as a major prop, the implication being that giving grotesque offense to a religious group is a wonderful example of free expression in the West and the decision by the theater not to put on the play was kow-towing to Arabs.

And then you turn around and the same folks are bitching and moaning and getting court orders to force the removal of websites that offend Jews.

Do we hear a word from the neocons on the wonderfulness of free expression?

Do we hear a world from neocons that criminal laws against anti-semitic expression are promoting the dhimmihood of the West?

Do we hear a word from neocons that David Irving, who is sitting in jail for his grotesque verbal offense to Jews is a victim of Jewish-drafted dhimmi laws in Germany?

Of course not. They LOVE laws that throw Jew-offenders into jail or fine them heavily.

So why are we Europeans and Americans getting caught in the bogus battle between Arabs and Jews?

Why are we letting our laws get twisted to satisfy first the one and then the other?

Why are we getting sucked into their race wars?

I think the answer is clear. We call for a plague on both their houses, expel them both from the West and tell them to duke it out in the Middle East where such race war nonsense belongs.

If we don't, in the next ten years we are going to see folks going to jail or being massively fined whenever a Jew or Arab is offended in Europe.

If Jews and Arabs cannot stand free speech in Europe and America let them both make aliyah, move back to their respective Middle Eastern homelands, and criminalize it there among their own peoples.

Abe Foxman and CAIR, this means you!


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