Monday, October 02, 2006

An illegal immigrant who buried a knife in his flatmate's back has been caged for five-and-a-half years

Harrow Times:

Mongolian asylum seeker Myagmardorj Purev, 52, of Carlisle Avenue, Southall, plunged the five-inch blade right through Khaled Ahmed's shoulder after a late night drinking session.

He then stabbed Mr Ahmed in the back with such force the handle snapped off - then cut himself to make it look like he was the victim.

Kurdish refugee Mr Ahmed ran off with the knife sticking out of his back but Purev chased him and smashed a whisky bottle over his head before threatening to kill another flatmate.

Mr Ahmed had to have his heart stopped by doctors as they performed life-saving surgery on him.

An Old Bailey jury cleared Purev of attempted murder but convicted him of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Judge Peter Rook QC told him: "This was a very serious offence, a knifing in the back which could easily have killed Khaled Ahmed.

"It is quite clear that you narrowly missed piercing vital organs when you stabbed him.

"It must have been a most traumatic episode that he had to endure.

"At some stage you disposed of the remains of the knife through the bathroom window and deviously cut your leg with the knife to make it appear you were the victim."

He sentenced Purev to five-and-a-half years jail, of which he will serve half before being considered for parole.

The judge also recommended Purev for deportation at the end of the sentence.

The court heard Purev is a university graduate and a former economist for the Mongolian government.

But he was forced to flee the central Asian republic for Beijing, China in 2003.

Purev has not seen his wife and children since he came to the UK in early 2004.

He had applied for asylum and was given a council flat in Carlisle Avenue, Southall, west London, with two other asylum seekers.

Purev had fallen out with his two flatmates prior to the attack.

They had all asked to be re-housed separately but the violence erupted in the early hours of September 16 last year.

Prosecuting, Andrew Lloyd-Eley said: "Mr Purev had a glass in his hand and had been visibly drinking alcohol. In the other hand he had a knife.

"There was a brief struggle where Mr Ahmed attempted to grab hold of the knife. He turned and felt a blow to the upper part of his back.

"Reaching up he was able to feel the blade sticking out."

Purev had claimed Mr Ahmed made his life a misery by letting as many as ten of his friends stay at the house and intimidating him when he tried to complain.

It is thought he was refused permission to remain in the country while in custody awaiting trial.

Man charged with attempted murder in Southall


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