Friday, October 20, 2006

Some 76% of the British public believes there are too many immigrants in Britain, according to a poll


The Harris Interactive survey for the FT found the figure was higher in the UK than in other big Western European countries.

Britons were also more likely than people in France, Germany, Italy and Spain to believe migrants have had a negative impact on their country's economy.

Some 46 per cent said immigrants in general had a negative impact, and 50 per cent thought more recent migrants from EU accession countries in central and eastern Europe had harmed the economy.

The poll suggests Britain's 'open door' policy for workers from the 10 new EU member states, compared to the more restrictive policies adopted by some established EU countries, has led to a backlash in public opinion.

'Big five' citizens don't trust governments on immigration

The future belongs to Islam


At 4:09 AM, Anonymous Nick T said...

The "stiff upper lip"will still be there as they lower your casket of society into the ground,and no-one there to mourn you.You Stupid cows!!!


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