Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A terror suspect under a control order has escaped from a mental health unit and is on the run in Britain

BBC News:

The man, accused by the authorities of wanting to go to Iraq to fight, has been missing for the past fortnight.

In March, the suspect, who cannot be named, became one of six British citizens to be placed under an order.

Another control order suspect is believed to have gone missing several months ago and is still at large, it has been revealed.

The first suspect escaped through a window from the mental health unit of a hospital in London two weeks ago, having been placed there under mental health laws.

After the order was imposed in March, the man initially had to report to police daily and surrender his passport. His family are concerned for his safety and are appealing for his return to fight the allegations against him.

The suspect maintains that he had been arrested during a recent visit to Pakistan, held for seven months and tortured by the intelligence services.

His brother told BBC News: "We don't know what to think. We don't know what sort of mind he might be in."

UK: Two Muslim Terror Suspects Are On The Run


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