Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Germany's population could fall to 69 million by 2050 with the proportion of elderly people sharply rising


Germany currently has 82.4 million people but declining birth rates will reduce the country's population to between 69 million and 74 million by 2050, said the report.

"The population decline cannot be halted," said Walter Rademacher, the statistics office vice-president.

Both the decline and ageing of Germany's population are expected to impact on the economy because there will be fewer people in the working age between 20 and 65 years.

At the end of 2005 about 20 per cent of the population was younger than 20 years and 19 per cent were over 65 years. The remaining 61 per cent were potential members of the workforce.

By 2050 only half the population will be workforce aged, while 30 per cent will be over 65 and just 15 per cent under 20 years, the report predicts.

Germany aims to entice "baby boomers" back to work

German Population Plunge Expected


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