Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Immigrant crime in Sweden

Charlotte Thorbjörnsson:

Malmö is one of Sweden?s most immigrant dense cities, 40 percent of the inhabitants are of an entirely foreign background. And just as in many of the other cities of the country, serious violence and robbery, and the fear among Swedes to fall victim to these crimes, has become a part of everyday life in Malmö.

Sydsvenskan, a news paper circulated in the southern Swedish province of Skåne where Malmö is situated, claimed in an editorial earlier this year that democracy in Sweden is intact and that debate is practically unconstrained . Yet, Folkets Nyheter is forced to interview the police man anonymously, in order not to put him in jeopardy of losing his job.

– These days, we have neither freedom of speech nor opinion in Sweden, comments the police man. As long as you think the way the political power elite does, you're welcome to a career, but otherwise? Just look at what happened to my colleague.

The colleague being referred to is Malmö policeman Bengt Lindström who was fired by the National Police Board this year after criticising the consequences of mass immigration, such as the lack of proper community services for the elderly in Malmö. A decision that naturally has had an impact on a major segment of the police force, the policeman says.

– No officer today dares utter any criticism in these matters, neither on duty nor as a private citizen. You are first and foremost concerned about your employment and your livelihood. The National Police Board made an example out of sacking Lindström: ”Don't criticise or you'll lose your job!”

He agrees wholeheartedly with Bengt Lindström's criticism of the situation in Malmö.

– When our elderly, who have toiled their whole lives and contributed to building this country, are denied community service it pains my heart. The government just recently gave the municipalities another 1,7 billion SEK (235 880 000 USD) to help them manage with the handling of all illegal immigrants. It stands to reason that we Swedes need to take care of our own first of all.

– The number of cases involving serious violence committed against citizens in public places has increased substantially since the beginning of the 90's when I started working in Malmö. It's almost exclusively immigrant youth that are the perpetrators behind robberies and assaults in public places. This is well-documented but the authorities responsible for the situation do not want to go public about it. Because it would contradict the integration propaganda of our government, they choose to keep silent.

Plain Speech By The Malmo Police: It’s All Going To Hell In Sweden!

A commentary from Folkets Nyheter's editorial staff on the interview with a Malmö police man


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Big Bill said...

Study the history of American immigration, particularly in New York City and Chicago.

The Jewish, Italian, and Irish immigrants created the same hellholes when they came to America.

It has taken us well over a hundred years and we STILL have shows like "The Sopranos".

It will be the same for the Swedes as it was for us in America: they will spend tens of billions on the immigrants, create entire government entities (like the FBI) to fight immigrant crime, and then in 100 years, they will have a TV show called "The Sopraneks" about an Albanian crime family that they will all laugh at as "just another typical Swedish family".

The Swedes will laugh at "The Sopraneks" in 100 years because after generations of crime and cultural degradation they will have all forgotten just how peaceful and safe it was before the immigrants came to Sweden.


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