Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is Iran really like 1938 Germany?

Jerusalem Post:

Likud Party Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu warned delegates attending the United Jewish Communities' General Assembly (UJC-GA) at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Monday that Iran today resembled Germany in 1938.

Speaking to Army Radio on Tuesday, Netanyahu said Israel must do everything in order to block the threat from Iran.

"Iran is Germany," said Netanyahu, "that is arming itself with atomic bombs and declaring it will destroy the Jewish State."

Netanyahu listed a number of options at Israel's disposal as a means of combating the Iranian nuclear threat.

"We must do everything to ensure that [US President] Bush holds to his promises to prevent a [nuclear] armed Iran, but we must also prepare Israel for defending itself should the need arise.

"Israel has the capability, but if we wait years it will no longer exist," said the opposition leader.

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No cakewalk in the park?


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