Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thirty percent of white adults had at least a bachelor's degree in 2005, while 17% of black adults and 12% of Hispanic adults had degrees

Stephen Ohlemacher:

-Forty-nine percent of Asian Americans had at least a bachelor's degree in 2005.

-The median income for white households was $50,622 last year. It was $30,939 for black households, $36,278 for Hispanic households and $60,367 for Asian households.

-Median income for black households has stayed about 60 percent of the income for white households since 1980. In dollar terms, the gap has grown from $18,123 to $19,683.

-Hispanic households made about 76 percent as much as white households in 1980. In 2005, it was 72 percent.

-The gap in poverty rates has narrowed since 1980, but it remains substantial. The poverty rate for white residents was 8.3 percent in 2005. It was 24.9 percent for black residents, 21.8 percent for Hispanic residents and 11.1 percent for Asian residents.

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