Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Will Seinfeld's Kramer get the same media mistreatment as Mel Gibson?

Warner Todd Huston:

With the recent racial slur outburst from "Seinfeld" actor, Michael Richards, we will have to pay close attention to see if Richards gets a softer treatment than Mel Gibson did with his own racial slur laden rant earlier in the year.

But, if this AP report is any indication, it seems sure that "Kramer" won't be as maligned as Mel Gibson.

Richards Apologizes for Racial Slurs

Daryl Pitts, a Laugh Factory audience member interviewed by CNN, compared the incident to another recent celebrity controversy.

"You think about Mel Gibson and what he said, and put that in the context of this, it's very upsetting," Pitts said, referring to Gibson's anti-Semitic outburst during his arrest for drunken driving.

Scrutiny of Richards' remarks likely will continue but won't match the level prompted by Gibson's behavior because Richards is far less famous, (Veteran publicist Michael ) Levine said.

So, Richards is not "famous" enough to be scolded by the MSM?

And, how many will point out that Gibson said his comments while impaired by mood altering substances (alcohol), and that Richards was ostensibly in his full faculties?

Probably not many.

And, we are sure to see Gibson raked over the coals with EVERY "Kramer" story for the rest of the day, for sure. This story will be an excuse for the MSM to dive into Gibson all over again.

My guess would be that "Kramer" will not get near the amount of venom spewed at him. Of course, "Kramer" didn't make a movie about Jesus that made millions despite Hollywood's best efforts to laugh it out of theaters, either!

Laugh tracks . . .

The protocol of celebrity racism

You're a raaaabid anti, er, blackite!



At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last sentence of the post is the key to the matter, and always has been. The views of Gibson (and his father) have been known for a long time, but never created such vituperative response, until after that movie(more precisely, its' maddening box office success.) Despite years of inculcation of "winter break", "holiday tree" and turning "Merry Christmas" into a vaguely threatening, racist comment, millions of people went to see Gibson's movie, anyway.


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