Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bush, the GOP and illegal immigration

Daniel T. Zanoza:

However, where Bush may have sabotaged the Republican majority the most was in his handling of comprehensive immigration reform. Bush sided with open border advocates, often taking a stand against his own Party regarding illegal immigration. The President’s demand for a guest worker program and “amnesty” — for what some studies indicate could have been as many as 100 million illegal immigrants — bucked the will of the American people and the elected officials who represented them.

Bush had powerful allies on his side that made all the difference. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an organization not adverse to cheap labor, backed the President at every turn. Usually conservative newspapers like the Wall Street Journal joined liberal publications in the demand for so-called earned legalization for illegals. Therefore, Bush seemed willing to put it all on the line for the sake of the all-mighty dollar — no matter if it gave the Congressional majority to the Democrats or not.

Many political pundits believe if the President would have shown a strong front with his legislative brethren, the choice for American voters would have been simple regarding the illegal immigration issue. Instead, Bush was willing to divide the Party by taking the position he did and the Democrats’ conquest of the GOP wasn’t far behind.

There are even more sources who are far more cynical regarding Bush’s possible sell out. Some believe Bush wants to create a North American conglomerate of nations that would encourage free trade across open borders. Critics see this as an attack on American sovereignty and they may be right. If the President was willing to sacrifice his own Party for the sake of the precious dollar, some believe he has put his nation up for sale at the same time.

It has been speculated the war in Iraq may be George W. Bush’s legacy for the future. Yet it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe the sell out of American law and values may be the real hallmark of the Bush administration for historians. Only time will tell the answer to these questions.

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