Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Islamic extremists target Muslim police recruit drive

East London Advertiser:

WELL-INTENTIONED efforts by the Met to recruit community support officers from the Asian community ran into trouble last week.

A recruitment day held at the East London Mosque last Tuesday was disturbed by a group of radical Islamists who gave out leaflets and warded visitors off from talking to the police, in a day of rising tensions that culminated in an arrest.

The group of eight men, understood to be from the now-outlawed splinter group Al-Ghurabaa, argued that joining the police was un-Islamic and Muslims doing so were heretics.

One witness to the events said: "They were ripping up application forms in front of the police officers. I personally saw many people turn away.

"One of the police officers said that it had not been a good day. These guys came out intending to disturb the event, and they did so."

Branded the ‘enemy’


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