Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jewish concern over Islamic leader's support for Holocaust denier


The British Jewish community has expressed its concern after it was revealed that a leader of a controversial Muslim group sent funds and letters of support to convicted Holocaust denier David Irving.

Asghar Bukhari, a founder member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC), last month admitted sending the letters to Irving during the year 2000.

Irving, who has been imprisoned in Austria since September 2006 for for having denied the existence of gas chambers in National Socialist concentration camps in several lectures held in Austria in 1989.

The writer came to the public eye in 1998 after he launched a libel suit against American professor Deborah Lipstadt for comments in a book called Denying The Holocaust where Lipstadt branded Irving a Holocaust denier and an anti-Semite. Irving lost the case and was soon declared bankrupt having been forced to pay the costs of the case.

In an article published in The Observer newspaper in November, letters sent by Bukhari to Irving illustrated his support for Irving.

Bukhari told Irving: “You may feel like you are on your own but rest assured many people are with you in your fight for the Truth.”

And referring to Paul Findley, a former US Senator, who has attacked his country’s close relationship with Israel, Bukhari added that he believed Findley “has suffered like you in trying to expose certain falsehoods perpetrated by the Jews.”

The article showed how Bukhari sent a cheque for 60 pounds to Irving and said he had “also asked many Muslim websites to create links to your own and ask for donations.”

The Muslim Public Affair with David Irving

Like a famous Belgian, a moderate Muslim is devilishly elusive


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