Monday, December 11, 2006

The Red Cross Society in Zambia has warned that half the country's youth risk dying of HIV/AIDS


"Almost half of the population of our young people faces life-time risk of dying of AIDS," the organization's general secretary Charles Mushitu told journalists in Lusaka on Tuesday, pointing to the high HIV prevalence rate and the absence of treatment.

Zambia is one of the countries to be worst hit by the AIDS pandemic. According to UNAIDS statistics 1.1 million Zambians out of the population of 11 million are living with the virus.

Mushitu made the appeal ahead of the UNAIDS programme coordination board meeting to be held in Zambia, and warned that signs of economic growth in the country could be imperiled as more working-age people fall ill or perish.

With thousands dying every week, potential donors should not focus so much on debt relief and give directly to AIDS programs, he added.

ZAMBIA: Help for child-headed homes

The Red Cross launches $50 million appeal to massively scale up its HIV and AIDS response in Zambia


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