Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou may cap the number of migrant workers it allows in because of the social problems they bring

BBC News:

Government officials told the China Daily that one possibility was to stop some industries employing migrants.

China's economic boom has largely been driven by the cheap labour which migrants from poorer inland provinces bring to coastal areas like Guangzhou.

But Guangzhou residents blame migrants for crime and other social problems.

"Guangzhou has long suffered from a poor public security situation because of burglary, robbery, theft and many other crimes, many of them committed by the migrant population," said Su Baoling, a local official who supports setting limits.

According to the China Daily, official statistics show that of the 100,000 crimes reported every year during the past five years, roughly 85% ended in the arrest of a migrant worker.

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