Friday, December 29, 2006

The victim of a stalker from Zimbabwe has been told he will not be deported even though the Home Office ordered that he be thrown out of the country

Portsmouth Today:

Home Office officials slapped a deportation order on Ottis Bere earlier this year to send him back to his native Zimbabwe.

Bere had been thrown in prison after breaching a restraining order that ordered him to stay away from Lisa Moore.

And his sentence was increased when he sent a 10-page letter from his prison cell warning he would come and find her when he was out.

Miss Moore, who owns bra company Boobytrap! in Waterlooville, was relieved to hear that Bere was to be deported upon release.

However he has successfully appealed and Miss Moore is horrified that the Home Office has decided to take the matter no further.

Miss Moore, 40, said: 'He is a foreigner who has committed a crime here. I thought British citizens were supposed to be protected but now I am terrified for my life.'

Bere, 31, first came to the UK when he joined the British Army as a resident of a former Commonwealth country.

He started a relationship with Miss Moore but it soured and she reported Bere to police last summer when the harassment started. But he continued to send her hundreds of vile text messages, including threats to kill, and tried to call her dozens of times.

After repeatedly breaking a two-year restraining order he was jailed for 51 weeks. Just before he was due to be released he then sent her a 10-page letter warning that he would come and find her when he was out. He was then jailed for another six months.

As he had served more than 12 months in prison he was automatically considered for deportation by the Home Office.

Shortly before he was due to leave prison they ordered he should be sent back to Zimbabwe but he appealed and won at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in Cardiff on December 7.

Miss Moore was desperate for the Home Office to appeal against the tribunal's decision but she has now been told the Home Office has no grounds to appeal.

Bere is due to be released in the new year. He will be sent to a secret location where he will be strictly monitored and follow rigorous curfews.

Miss Moore said: 'I fail to comprehend how he can come here, do crimes serious enough to have him deemed a risk to the public and get to stay. It's terrifying and I just can't live a normal life.'

A Home Office spokesman refused to discuss Bere's case but added: 'Early removal of foreign national prisoners who meet our criteria for deportation remains our priority.'

Jailed Zim man saved from deportation



At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lesson learned: White women, don't date coloreds. There are plenty of crazy white guys who are stalkers to be sure, but it just seems to me that a overly high percentage are 3rd worlders.

At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Rosco said...

When are Europeans going to learn to keep blacks out of their countries? Haven't the Europeans learned anything from what the blacks have done to many urban areas in the United States?


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